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What are guitar tabs? Tabs (or tablature) in general are shortcuts to reading music. They help those that don't know how to read regular sheet music learn songs. See more about guitar tablature here.

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Look ma, No Pop Ups!

  Action Guitar Tutor: Learn guitar songs easily without needing to know how to read guitar tabs or music score. - Also Guitar Lessons

Some guitar players know how to read music, but like to use guitar tabs as well. It can be just as easy to learn with tablature.

 Ultimate Guitar Archive. Tons of guitar tabs, news, reviews, free guitar lessons, forum, etc.

Learn standard reading notation too. Tabs are helpful but standard reading notation is better. It is more accurate and is the accepted standard in the music industry. Therefore it's helpful to know it.

Drum Bum

 DRUM BUM's Drum Tabs Database: Drum hosts this drumtabs portal for drummers. Numerous links containing thousands of drumtabs of all styles of music. They also have a drum lessons area with links to over 500 free drum lessons.

DrumTabs are different. While guitar and bass tabs became use fingering charts, drum tabs use signs that represent the different instruments (kick, snare, hats...) on the chart.
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You'll find all styles of music tabs here. represents all tabs including latin, classical, rock, Christian, country music, alternative music, and more.

 Guitar Tab Universe: Search for tabs by artist. Includes guitar and bass tabs. Also a forum.

Mirriam - Webster Definition of Tablature: Pronunciation: 'ta-bl&-"chur, -ch&r, -"tyur, -"tur
Function: noun, Etymology: Middle French, from Medieval Latin tabulatus tablet, from Latin tabula
: Definition: An instrumental notation indicating the string, fret, key, or finger to be used instead of the tone to be sounded. Online guitar archive. One of the older guitar tab sites. Guitar lessons, resources...

Did you know... that music tabs are more popular with kids than standard sheet music? Is this because they're too lazy too learn standard notation? Lots of tabs and links to tab sites. Includes top tabs section.

Tab History: Tablature in music is a generic system of musical notation indicating actions that the player must take, rather than “representing” the music itself that will result from those actions. Tablatures have been in use in the West since the early 14th cent., mostly for keyboard and plucked string instrument. Most used a horizontal grid read from left to right, with letters or numbers indicating the production of pitches, and rhythmic signs above. In the 16th and 17th cent., differing systems existed in Germany, Italy, Spain and France. Tablatures are used today to notate music for guitar and ukulele. These have vertical lines representing strings of the instrument, horizontal lines for the frets, and dots to show the position of the fingers. Source:

Bibliography: See W. Apel, The Notation of Polyphonic Music, 900–1600 (4th ed. 1953). They appear to be one of the largest. They claim over 105,000 guitar tabs. They also have bass tabs and drum tabs, a links section, forum, lessons, and CD reviews.

 Harmony Central: Large database of tabs and info. including the Online Guitar Archive (OLGA). Listed by artist.
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This tabs portal is updated visit now and then to check out what's new.

 Guitar Tabs : Large database of tabs and info. including the Online Guitar Archive (OLGA). Listed by artist.

More than Tabs? That's right, we'll be posting more resources, links, and free lessons for all musicians. If you have a music site you would like included, please let us know.

 Death Warp: Heavy metal tabs for guitar and bass.

More about Tablature: Tablature is a form of musical notation, often with numbers and letters, which tells the player where to place their fingers on a particular instrument rather than which pitches to play.

Tablature is mostly (but not exclusively) seen for fretted stringed instruments, in which context it is usually called tab for short (except for lute tablature). It is frequently used for the guitar, bass, lute and vihuela, but in principle it can be used for any fretted instrument, including ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and viola da gamba, as well as many free reed aerophones such as the harmonica. It is commonly used in notating pop music, and is often seen in folk music and the recorder during the Renaissance and Baroque period. Keyboard tablature has also been proposed more recently, e.g. by Béla Bartók, but without success.

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In the context of guitar tab, standard (5-line) musical notation is usually called 'staff notation' - even though tab is also written on a staff - or just 'notation'.

Source: Wikipedia, via
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Guitar Gifts - Guitar T-shirts, Hats, Stickers, Posters, and more!
 Guitar T-shirts
 T-shirts, Hats, Stickers, Posters, Jewelry,  Mugs,  Keychains, Guitar Accessories, and more!

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Top Guitar Tips and Lessons for Guitar Players!

Holding a Guitar Pick: There are numerous ways you can hold a guitar pick. The most common method is between the thumb and your forefinger. When you're learning to play the guitar, simply pick in a downward motion. You can try the upstroke later.

Don't rely on guitar tabs alone. Take some guitar lessons from a qualified guitar teacher in your area. This will help prevent learning bad mistakes.

New Guitar Strings: Half the ballgame of getting a good guitar sound is having new strings on the guitar. Don't be lazy. Take the time to put new guitar strings on and you will see and hear a world of difference.

Type of Amps: As you know, there are solid state amps and there are tube amps. We can't tell you which to buy but what sound are you looking for? If you want more of a deep tone you should consider a tube amp. If you want a cleaner sound, you should consider a solid state amp.

Guitar String Cleaning : Clean your guitar strings individually with a soft cloth after you're through playing for the night.

Wash your hands! - You should wash your hands before you play if possible. This keeps the oil and dirt off the strings.

Guitar Strings: Be sure to change your guitar strings enough ahead of time so that they have time to stretch and settle in good before gig time.

What does a Capo do? The guitar capo basically raises the pitch of each string. This can be a quick and easy way to help vocalists sing in their proper key. It also serves to help beginner guitarists play in different keys. They may not yet be accustomed to transposing songs by changing chord positions.

What are Guitar Strings made out of? - Guitar Strings are made out of brass, steel, and nickel. There are of course also nylon or plastic guitar strings.

Guitar String Tips: You'll get a fatter tone from your guitar if you use heavier guage strings.

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